We are the technical-commercial partner of the following leaders :

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag was founded in 2008 through the merger of the German group Demag Plastics with the Plastics Machinery division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. In addition to injection molding machines, the industrial division of the Japanese group Sumitomo produces, among others, ships, bridges, mobile cranes, particle accelerators, laser systems, handling equipment and equipment for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Sumitomo has established an excellent market position in Asia and North America with high performance and technically mature injection molding machines. In the Asian market, one in four electric injection molding machines is a Sumitomo machine.

Since the 1990s, Sumitomo has been focusing on the development and production of electric injection molding machines and is today unquestionably one of the technological leaders in this field. The decisive competitive advantage is the consistent use of know-how and key technologies within the Group, in particular the electric drives specially developed for injection molding.

Since the acquisition of the Demag Plastics Group, the Sumitomo Plastics division has also played an important role in Europe. The merger of the two companies has created the first globally active company in the injection molding industry which is represented on all continents and is a competent partner for its international customers all over the world, without compromise.

400 years of the company’s history show that the Sumitomo Group is not only one of the oldest existing companies, but also the proof of its great willingness to adapt to market requirements. Sumitomo successfully combines tradition with the concentrated innovation strength of the global Sumitomo group.

Plastiblow, the automatic world of extrusion blow moulding with low energy consumption.

Electric blowing machines for the food packaging, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, or detergent sectors. We produce models for every need and size.

50 years of work in blowing extrusion.  

Our machines have flexible configurations, reduced energy consumption, constant and precise movements, and reproducibility of machine cycles, with well-defined activity times, a significant reduction in production waste and maintenance response times.

The solutions studied by R&D, today that mechatronics at Plastiblow is a well-established reality, will increasingly aim to integrate the typical functions of a blowing machine with the principles of industry 4.0 of the future digitized society, To develop increasingly efficient and connected systems...

The reliability of Plastiblow machines is demonstrated by the level of export. More than 80% of the machines produced are destined for different countries of the world.

Plastiblow: more than 50 years of quality and Italian expertise in the production of low energy blow extrusion machines.

Flexibility, competence, and technology make Gimatic a company at the forefront. This is the winning strategy adopted by Gimatic, a strategy known and appreciated worldwide. The constant desire to grow is what makes it a competitive company and it shows this by investing 10% of its turnover in research and development every year, but also by expanding its activities worldwide.

Gimatic can indeed count on a very dense, organized, and reliable network of distributors and associated companies (10 in total, in Italy and abroad), which are fundamental to guarantee a continuous flow of new products.

This commercial network is used not only to market Gimatic products, but also to receive requests from the user and build an ad hoc solution for any specific application. Gimatic is also synonymous with quality, a characteristic that is guaranteed using innovative and state-of-the-art machines, as well as strict control procedures on both components and finished products.

We have taken the strongest measures to protect the environment, because we see this as part of the fundamental aspects of corporate social responsibility. In addition, we give the utmost respect and consideration to our staff who work every day with passion to achieve our business goals.

Located in the heart of Europe, between Geneva and Lyon, we have a very large production area with latest generation CNC machines. We design and manufacture a wide range of products and equipment for the plastics industry.

As a logistics platform especially for BMS units in Southern Europe, we have a very large stock of supplies.

Inmold Plast is a family business, founded in 2006. When we compare the initial and current opportunities in the company and the environment, we find that much has changed, except for the uncompromising quality of our products. This sense of quality, with which we express responsibility for our practices and the market, is present in all phases of our project, from the first communication with the customer, through the development of the product, to its final production. Therefore, we are proud to emphasize that the foundations of our company are superior products, services and customer relationships.

The main activity of Inmold Plast is the production of high-quality tools for injection moulding of plastics and non-ferrous metals. Our specialty is thin-walled packaging injection tools and technical parts injection tools.

In addition to tools, we also manufacture IML robots.

INMOLD owns and successfully implements ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.

It all started in 1974 in a house in Ispringen. Werner Koch manufactured his first devices for dosing, mixing and feeding plastics here.

After gaining some design experience, he put his ideas into practice. Numerous patents and title deeds are still today the foundation of the know-how of the company KOCH-TECHNIK. In 2006, the title of Professor of the Technical University of Saint Petersburg was awarded to Werner Koch, in return for his work. In 2008, he received the honorary title of Doctor honoris causa. In 2010 the Austrian company FASTI, which was bankrupt, was taken over and together with its product, plastic granulate dryers, it was relocated to Ispringen as FASTI KOCH. KOCH-TECHNIK is headquartered in Ispringen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The devices and installations are manufactured there using the most modern manufacturing processes. The construction of the granule dryers has been moved to another company of 3000 square meters which has state-of-the-art equipment.


Knowledge is based on experience.

Since 1990 we have been developing and developing cooling and heating systems to achieve the best possible results.

We work every day to improve each product according to the recommendations of our customers, the market, and the environment.

Our mission, in fact, is to create ever more avant-garde and efficient products, to offer highly technological and functional global solutions.


We have always worked to improve the efficiency of our systems and provide solutions with low energy consumption, with better protection of the environment around us.

The continuous research and knowledge – thanks to a long experience – of the thermodynamic cycle allowed us to develop solutions with an integrated free-cooler using adiabatic technology, this translates into high efficiency and energy savings.

FLUIDES SERVICES INDUSTRIE (FSI) is the synthesis of a long experience, a great passion for work and a creative mind full of ideas.

FSI benefits from significant synergies of «KR Groupe», a group of independent but complementary companies, of which FLUIDES SERVICES is the parent company created in September 1998 by Mr Kamel REBAI, graduate engineer of the Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP) in 1982 and the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) in 1979.

Highly qualified and highly committed engineers and technicians listen to our customers to best meet their quality requirements while meeting deadlines, standards and health, environmental and safety requirements.

As a subcontractor, we offer our know-how and recognized skills in the following fields:

  • Study, design, manufacture, control, and supervision.
  • Sheet metal processing, assembly and boile-rmaking.
  • Welding and installing piping of all types.
  • Installation and assembly of industrial and agri-food factories.

FLUIDES SERVICES INDUSTRIE fabrique et propose une gamme d’appareils et d’accessoires destinés à la plasturgie et développe des solutions personnalisées à la demande de nos clients.

Tout a commencé en 1974 dans une maison d’Ispringen. Werner Koch y a fabriqué ses premiers appareils de dosage, de mélange et d’alimentation des matières plastiques.

Après avoir acquis une certaine expérience dans la conception, il a mis ses idées en pratique. De nombreux brevets et titres de propriété sont encore aujourd’hui le foncement du savoir-faire de la société KOCH-TECHNIK. En 2006, le titre de Professeur de l’Université technique de Saint-Pétersbourg est décerné à Werner Koch, en contrepartie de son œuvre. En 2008, il a reçu le titre honorifique de Docteur honoris causa. En 2010, la société autrichienne FASTI, qui était en faillite, été rachetée et avec son produit, des dessiccateurs de granulés de matière plastique, elle a été délocalisée à Ispringen en tant que FASTI KOCH. La société KOCH-TECHNIK a son siège principal à Ispringen, dans le pays du Baden-Württemberg, en Allemagne.

Les appareils et installations y sont fabriqués en ayant recours à des procédés de fabrication des plus modernes. La construction des dessiccateurs de granulés a été déplacée dans une autre entreprise de 3000 mètres carrés qui disposent d’équipements ultramodernes.

Le groupe Kistler : leader sur le marché de la métrologie dynamique

Aujourd’hui, plus de 60 ans après sa création, le Groupe Kistler est leader mondial dans la métrologie dynamique appliquée à mesurer la pression, la force, le couple et l’accélération. Ne cessant de croître tout au cours des décennies, l’entreprise dirigée par ses propriétaires est passée du simple fabricant de composants au partenaire en développement des sciences et de l’industrie. Nous fournissons des produits mais aussi notre savoir-faire en matière d’applications. Nous sommes toujours restés fidèles à nos racines : près de 2050 collaborateurs répartis sur plus de 60 sites dans le monde développent chaque jour de nouvelles solutions et offrent sur place des services spécifiques aux applications.

Technologie spatiale, sport de compétition ou sécurité des véhicules : les solutions de métrologie Kistler sont toujours de la partie !

Thermoplay SPA et ses filiales ont été acquises par Barnes Group, Inc., un fabricant international industriel et de construction aérospatial et prestataire de service, en août 2015. Avec cette acquisition Thermoplay rejoint Synventive Molding Solutions et Männer en tant qu’entreprises membres garantissant à Barnes Group la place de leader en plasturgie pour les systèmes d’injection à canaux chauds et l’outillage.

Thermoplay, entreprise spécialisée dans la conception et la production de systèmes d'injection à canaux chauds pour le moulage des matières plastiques. Grâce à sa croissance continue et à d'importants investissements, Thermoplay a rapidement atteint une position leader en Italie et dans le monde entier.

Sa gamme de produits, inclut une offre complète d'injecteurs et de distributeurs standard et spéciaux, des régulateurs de température, des analyses de flux, des projets spéciaux personnalisés, injection simultanée de différents coloris et matériaux pour répondre à tous vos besoins de fabrication destinés à tous marchés et à toutes applications.


Aujourd’hui, le groupe HTG INDUSTRY compte plus de 150 ingénieurs et techniciens et bénéficie d’un espace de production de plus de 3000m2 pourvu des dernières technologies afin de garantir le succès de vos projets dans tous les pays du monde entier.


Nous concevons et fabriquons des lignes de production de conditionnement PET à partir de préformes pour permettre l’emballage et le remplissage de toutes sortes de bouteilles ou contenants destinés à tous types d’applications (eau, jus, huiles, lait, bière, produits phytosanitaires, chimiques, cosmétiques, etc…).


Nous bénéficions d’une expérience de près de 40 ans dans le domaine de l’embouteillage qui a débuté avec des machines semi-automatiques de petites cadences, puis s’est développé avec des machines entièrement automatisées pour tous types d’application. HTG est actuellement l’un des leaders dans la fabrication et la livraison de lignes complètes allant jusqu’à 25000 bouteilles par heure.


Nous sommes à l’écoute de vos besoins et concevons des solutions pour optimiser votre production, ceci inclus :

  • Point précis sur les besoins du client et l’aménagement des équipements en tenant compte du bâtiment afin de faciliter la production
  • Mise en place de solutions industrielles
  • Recommandations sur l’emplacement et le choix des équipements
  • Suivi et maintenance des équipements
  • La passion du produit
  • Attention aux besoins réels des clients
  • Une expertise pour trouver les meilleures solutions techniques
  • Capacité à établir des relations avec les clients, les fournisseurs, les partenaires et les collaborateurs de l'entreprise

Ce sont ces valeurs qui depuis plus de 60 ans définissent l'identité de TRIA et contribuent à sa croissance constante.

TRIA veut être reconnue comme l'entreprise la plus qualifiée au monde dans la production de granulateurs à lames, de systèmes de récupération en ligne, de broyeurs, de systèmes de transport et de traitement des déchets générés par les processus de production de produits en plastique.

Nous continuons à cultiver ces valeurs, certains qu'elles garantiront toujours plus la satisfaction de toutes les parties prenantes et la croissance sur tous les marchés. Ces caractéristiques trouvent leur synthèse dans la phrase qui accompagne la marque :

Your recycling needs. Our grinding solutions.

ACMI SpA is one of the most important international companies in the field of production of packaging and bottling lines.

Founded in 1984 in Riccò, in the province of Parma, the company now has six production plants in Fornovo di Taro (also home to the headquarters), Rubbiano, Felegara, Sala Baganza and Borgo Val di Taro, covering a total area of around 32,000 square metres. It also has a turnover of 90 million euros (2022) and a workforce of 380 employees, including the staff of its subsidiaries in the UK, Mexico, the USA and the sales office in Poland.

ACMI produces all the machines that make up the end of line and deals with the engineering and automation of the entire line both as main contractor and line integrator, as well as producing complete “turnkey” repacking lines.

The experience gained in over 35 years of business in the various sectors of the packaging industry (food & beverage first and foremost, but not only) has made ACMI the ideal partner for both large multinational groups and national companies looking for a cutting-edge product.

Our lines are energy-saving and designed to reduce the use of conveyor belts to ensure greater efficiency and productivity, while our new range of “green” products uses paper instead of plastic for the entire packaging process.